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by Celesta McCann - Friday, 18 November 2022, 1:17 PM
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The 29 cutest matching summer sets

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images, Cardi B, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Billie Eilish, actually every Kardashian sibling I could go on for The 7 Rules of Dressing for Summer in 2022 days listing the superstars who are rotating from gold chains to chill silver glamour. Kourtney, in specific, 21 Cute Beach Outfits for Summer 2022 can't stop using a cross locket reminiscent of 2009's Ed Hardy takeover. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, After years of precarious stilettos and toe-pinching pumps, raised wedges are about to be your "Buddy" (Doja Cat joke).

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15 Top Fashion Trends from 2022 Fashion Weeks

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images, A more summery trend you can not find. A mix of rainbow colors, combined with whimsical crochet designs, offers this visual the most beachy feel possible. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, Dua Lipa can be credited beginning this trend, relentlessly wearing butterfly motifs until the rest of us lastly adapted.

5 top fashion trends for spring/summer 2022: Chanel and Prada's miniskirts  nod to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears' 2000s heyday, while Dior and  Burberry channel Gatsby   South China Morning PostStylist Lala Trips Shows How To Wear 2022 Summer Fashion Trends

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Ever questioned what kind of bagel finest explains your character? Which city you belong in? Which summer trend you should pick to try? If you * truly * should marry that individual? All you need to understand is your date, 31 Summer Outfit Ideas for Men time, and Best Summer Street Style Inspiration For 2022 place of birth. Kidding sort of. Daily dilemmas, like what to buy for takeout or whether to swipe right, can be resolved by the zodiac, and The Best Looks of London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022 the same goes when clicking "include to haul." With numerous fashion patterns to try out this summer, why not take a hint from the zodiac!.?.!? Whether you're a relaxed Libra or sensual Scorpio, we have actually got the summer outfit that screams you.

The Best Summer Dresses for 2022

Here come the twins, AKA the ever-talkative, indecisive, multitasking air sign. In case you required a discussion starter (LOL, as if), here's one: checkered crochet. It's the spirited, it-girl trend that basically yells Gemini. Offer it a try with your next swimsuit, Fashion trends 2022: the key styles to shop this summer carry bag, or container hatbonus points if the hat's reversible.

If you're ever searching for a Cancer, they're probably home, alone, and in their feelings. However hey, crabs need to come out of their shell at some pointand when they do, a comfortable attire is the answer. Make it extra trendy with relaxed-fit denim, The Best Summer Dresses for 2022 a super-soft hoodie, 5 Trends That Will Be Taking Over Summer 2022 and 6 Fashion Trends To Try Before Summer Is Over a father hat (Psst: this Madewell cap was basically produced you).

Never ever one to shy away from the spotlight, this fire sign is all about a statement-making 'fitwhich brings us to the mini skirt. It's all over this summerand Target Summer Outfits 2022 for Women it deserves a permanent spot on your Insta feed. Sensible, useful, and a little a perfectionist, we'll wager that you were once at the top of your class, which is why the preppy pattern is perfect for you, Virgo.

And great news: Trust Us: This Is The 2022 Summer Trend You Should Try You'll transition flawlessly into the back-to-school season come September. In the meantime, simply picture you're on your method to play golf at the local nation club. When the scales are balanced, the Libra is happyso a matching set (or 3) just makes sense for this air sign. Forget those terrible "I have nothing to use!" moments; these on-trend appearances are one and done (and incredibly adorable).

The Hottest Summer Trends of 2022 by Zodiac Sign

Who can fault them? A monochrome appearance fits this mystical and stoic signand 21 Cute Beach Outfits for Summer 2022 no, the reality that it's summer season doesn't suggest black is off-limits. Select a breezy dress in your signature hue that'll keep you attractive and cool all summertime long. Congrats, Sagittarius: According to astrology, you are the happiest among us.

Cute Summer Outfit Ideas for 2022: Top Summer Fashion Trends – The  Hollywood ReporterThe Best Looks of London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022

Full of adventure and 31 Summer Outfit Ideas for Men bliss, you live your life in technicolor (and could provide a course on dopamine dressing). Go on and use your most colorful, mood-boosting pieces simultaneously. While everyone else is working from house (read: from bed), our resident overachiever is hectic travelling to the workplace.

But hey, Capricorn, a minimum of your sense of style is always on-point. No one can manage a hot pink work-ready fit like you can. No rules is the rule for Summer fashion 2022: 19 wardrobe staples this eccentric air signso we're recommending all the unexpected colorways and mismatched prints. These lively patterns pair extremely well with a handcrafted protest signmake sure to keep it comfortable as you rally for the causes you care about this summertime.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 Trends   HYPEBAEThe Best Summer Dresses for 2022: Shop Linen, Midi, Mini and Slip Dresses Starting at Just $30 Entertainment Tonight

In other words, you're by far the most romantic indication of the Zodiac. Do up your summertime closet with a Bridgerton-style piece that'll turn heads. The puffier the sleeves, the much better. Vibrant however never boring, this fire sign is as courageous as they come. Take the lead and explore arguably the most popular fashion trend of 2022: cutouts.

11 Summer 2022 Fashion Trends To Shop Now

What's life without a little luxury? Channel your favorite Nancy Meyers heroine this summer season (for Best Summer Street Style Inspiration For 2022 us, that's Diane Keaton in Something's Got ta Offer) with breezy linen, chunky sweaters, and slightly large straw hats. While you may not be * physically * at the beach, a Taurus can constantly pretend.

With that being said, summertime 2022 fashion trends are a collection of elevated classics and revivals of previous years. Reach for romantic ruffles for your next sunset picnic or dabble in jeans for a cross-country trip. Ladies, there's something for everybody, and we're here to help you uncover which warm-weather patterns speak with your inner fashionista.

In reality, they even influenced Pantone's color of the year for 2022. Veri Peri is best referred to as red-violet with blue highlights. Dare we state a twist on periwinkle? Pantone says this color displays "carefree self-confidence and a daring curiosity." Are you more of a pastel enthusiast? Lavender is a front-runner this year for its positive and soothing nature.