About MyeClass

Mye-Class portalis a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) which aimsat empowering Teachers by providing them virtual classes of their own.In "Mye-Class", "My" represents the learner which could be any learner.Besides making teachers tech savvy, MyeClass portal would enable themto become proficient in the use of both Flipped and Blended modes of delivery.

This LMS is equally useful for the students as it provides themvirtual class for effective learning.

Benefits for a Teacher

As a teacher, one can create a virtual course and enrol studentsin his/her virtual class in no time. This LMS enables  teachers to teacha course at any level be it a school or a college or a university or a coaching centre.It allows teachers to interact with  students  in virtual classes as per their mutual convenience. As a teacher one can automate his or her work and become a smart teacher.

It has got special features which allow teachers to integrate ICT in a variety of ways thus making teaching and learning quite interesting and creative. Teachers can upload theircontent(doc, pdf, video, ppt, etc.) as well as Open educational resources (OERs) in a structured and interactive manner for their students making learning extremely interesting.Contents can be hidden or made visible as per the requirements of teaching and learning.

Teachers can start discussion forums, create online quizzes, online assignments, opinion polls, surveys, etc. They can even conduct live video sessions by sharing their screen and using whiteboard to write, on which evenstudents can also write whenever necessary and allowed by teacher.

Teachers can grade and give comments on uploaded files and assignments. They can export all the grades in excel format and use them for their internal assessments. They can ask students to submit their project reports online. Most significantly, it allows only the teachersto add/edit/delete the content or activities and not anyone else. Students can only view and respond to the activities which would be created by the teachers.

Another special feature of this LMS is that it allows the teachers to make appropriate amendments in their course content with every new batch of students. It means that their notes, videos, interactive quizzes, questions, presentations, etc. remain up to date and organised and by small effort they can provide automated self-learning activities to the students which otherwise is difficult in the conventional classroom situation.

Please note that this user friendly LMS has been designed in such a manner that even a non-tech savvy teacher can use it easily. It is as simple as mail handling.


Benefits for a Student

Students can register and enrol in MyeClass created by their teachers through the access code or link provided. They can also join the available  free or paid courses provided by other teachers.

There will be multiple courses provided by various teachers which could be easily joined by any student. Some of those courses might be even free of charge.


Who all can Benefit from MyeClass?

Teachers and students from

  • Higher Education
  • Schools
  • Educational and Corporate Skills Institutes
  • Private Training & Coaching Centers
  • Teachers providing private tuitions
  • Extra/Support Class specialists
  • Entrance Exam CoachingCenters
  • Consultants, Remote Admission & Onboarding professionals


Unique Feature  of “MyeClass” for Institutions

A novel feature of “Super-Teacher” has also been provided for through this LMS. It allows the individual teacher to provide his/her course to other teachers who in turn can use it further for other teachers. This concept of Super Teacher is totally new and has been integrated for the very first time in any LMS.

Through this feature, any teacher can share his/her virtual class and provide a standard content to other teacherswho in turncan even add more content and use all the features of this LMS as well.

This feature will be of great help to large sized institutions where the same subject is taught by different teachers in different sections. This feature will ensure both standardisation and quality assurance besides providing space for junior colleagues to add their own content.

Please contact us if you wish to use this feature at Institutional Level as your own dedicated LMS.